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Overall Lead Optimist - PFA

Ashwini was born and brought up in Solapur, Maharashtra. She graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and is currently working as an embedded software engineer in Ultraviolette Automative Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. She is very enthusiastic while learning new things. Her dad once told her to find the real happiness in other's smile and help others selflessly. Read More

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Optimist - PFA

Kiran Shinde, a young pharma professional working as Analyst in human data science company. He likes reading, trekking, hiking and painting. Basically, he is from Pune but currently working in Bangalore. In his free time, he likes to do social activities. He wants to help the ignored part of the society rise up and be able to get access to the basic needs of life. Read More

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Lead optimist - PFA

Shilpa is a young HR working in one of the startup firms in Bangalore. Her perspective of volunteering is not decided by the team she works with but by the work she is doing. She believes that it's all about what we have done for the cause. So, according to her, volunteering should be done for a good cause, not for good impression. Read More


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Proud Indian has created the Internship model in a way to benefit both College Students and Professional Individuals above the age of 16 yrs. This Internship model gives you an in-depth knowledge of the role you have applied for under the mentorship of an appropriate Project Lead.


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Do you have few hours to spare on a weekday/weekend? Are you not located in Bangalore but still want to contribute? We have all kinds of Online & Field Opportunities for you to volunteer and thus create an impact in your own way. We are looking out for volunteers with optimistic attitude who can contribute significantly towards the society.


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Are you able to measure your own performance at work? you able to measure your own performance at work?Are you able to collaborate with others, accept new ideas and build a consensus? Do you think you know well about Proud Indian? Then you surely should consider applying for the several Lead roles we have at Proud Indian.

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