Our volunteers are our OPTIMIST.

Volunteering at Proud Indian is a transformational learning experience that will enable you to make a difference where it’s needed the most.

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Empowering low-income community through quality education, awareness and leadership skills.
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Lead Optimist - Full Stack Developer

Pavish finished bachelor's degree, I am now employed as a software engineer in the Techuplabs private limited. I was born and raised in Tamil Nadu, though I currently reside in Bangalore. As a food enthusiast, I take pleasure in cooking and savoring delicious cuisine. Additionally, I enjoy traveling, exploring new horizons, and spending quality time with my loved ones.Read More

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Optimist - LoG

Beni was born and brought up in Assam. I have a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and currently working as a Post Graduate Engineer Trainee in TVS Motors Company, Hosur. Ever since my childhood, I have always wanted to help others and give back to society in any way possible. Due to lack of proper guidance and exposure, never really got the chance to do it in an official manner. Finally, being in Bengaluru, having joined Proud Indian have given me the chance to do so.Read More

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Lead optimist - PFA

Shilpa is a young HR working in one of the startup firms in Bangalore. Her perspective of volunteering is not decided by the team she works with but by the work she is doing. She believes that it's all about what we have done for the cause. So, according to her, volunteering should be done for a good cause, not for good impression. Read More

Volunteer With Proud Indian!

  • Proud Indian recognizes your spirit to upliftment and change! We provide you with a platform to construct a meaningful change with your efforts. Volunteer on the field or virtually! You make a difference!

  • What you get out of volunteering is- You gain experience and invaluable professional skills, within a synergic setting, you gain leadership skills and Interpersonal development! You get a chance to show your volunteering hour to future employers and graduate schools who greatly value them.

  • A wide range of volunteering options is open for you to do what you enjoy and help you strive at your own comfort.